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Jack Helgers

Marketing & innovation

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Thijs Smeets

Technical support & production

The origins of the FixChip method​

The FixChip and the FixChip method were developed 5 years ago. Tom Smeets, the inventor of the FixChip, has 40 years of experience in mechanical woodworking. He started as a mechanical woodworker at the age of 16 and rose from work preparation to automating production processes.

In the year 2000, as a pioneer at his then employer, Helwig, he revolutionized the window frame industry by being the first to automate the window frame production on a CNC continuous machine.

Subsequently, Tom has almost 20 years of experience as an independent entrepreneur throughout Europe programming CNC machines in the window frame industry. During the crisis of 2009, he founded a second company and became an importer of PaletteCAD in the Netherlands and Belgium. PaletteCAD has since grown into a market leader in interior construction, partly thanks to its know-how of machine control. Tom has now handed over the day-to-day management of FixChip and PaletteCAD to his successors.

In 2023, Thijs Smeets and Jack Helgers acquired FixChip. Despite their young age, they have extensive experience in interior building, from manufacturing production to installation on site of custom interiors, kitchens and cabinets. They will use this experience in the further development of the FixChip method for interior builders with a nesting machine.