Produce up to 50% more efficiently

  • All operations in one production run

  • 100% accurate

  • Less labour costs

  • Less investment in machine equipment

  • Fully sustainable

The FixChip method

  1. Produce all parts on the CNC nesting machine
  2. Finishing the panels
  3. Assembling panels with FixChip
  4. Ready for installation on site!

The FixChip benefits

  • By using the FixChip, all operations, including milling operations on the end plate side, are performed in one production run.

  • All operations are performed with the main spindle, which means that any deviations in the machine have no impact on quality.

  • The FixChip can be used on all nesting machines and with any software.​

Why interior builders are choosing the FixChip method more often

As an interior builder, are you always short of time? Are you short of staff? Or are there just too many tasks? Hundreds of interior builders across Europe have now discovered the power of FixChip in combination with the nesting machine.

It is more than just a simple wood joint, it is a production method that allows you to work much more efficient and accurate. You can produce your projects more automatically with fewer actions and more accuracy. This increases your margins and leaves you more time for growing your business.

A sustainable wood joint

The FixChip, made from High-Density Fibreboard (HDF), offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic connectors. Our wood comes from responsibly managed forests. We are STIP certified (stip.org).

We want to give the environment a helping hand, which is why we produce completely energy-neutral in the Netherlands and ship the FixChip in sturdy, reusable FixChip buckets.

Do you have questions about how to apply the FixChip?

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